What is a Multi-Cloud Audit?

What is an Audit Trail?

Audit trails are manual or electronic records that chronologically catalog activities or procedures to provide data and history that can be used to authenticate security and operational actions and reduce risks. An audit trail is used in several industries to provide a historical record of progress based on a series of events. These records serve as evidence of enforcement and operational reliability.

How Long Do You Maintain an Audit Log?

Long-term audit log maintenance can be challenging for many organizations because audit logs can take up a lot of storage space that isn’t always available. If at all necessary, keep the audit trail for the duration of the records. These can be particularly useful for both historical reporting and potential problem-solving.

How Often Do You Review an Audit Log?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends performing a periodic review on a suitable timeline for the company’s security needs. The review plans for each sector and company will vary, but regulations dictate a fixed time period in which logs must be reviewed. For example, if your company has an audit committee, they will establish a routine review schedule, such as bi-annually or annually.

How can we help?

UnityOne can help with a comprehensive audit trail of all the actions taken on your data center, and multi-cloud infrastructure to identify ‘WHO’ within your organization did ‘WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE?’. You can also export the multi-cloud activity log in to a. CSV file to help offline data processing for legal and regulatory compliance.

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