Secure, Industry-leading infrastructure

UNITY is hosted in a highly secure private cloud with industry leading security process, restricted physical access to datacenters and robust online access controls.

Below is an overview of our security practices


UNITYCLOUD is hosted in a highly available private cloud with N+1 redundancy and automatic failover.

Operational Security

In addition to on-going internal security evaluations we run regular Penetration testing (PEN testing) activities.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

Robust policies and tools to protect your data during an emergency. In the case of any disaster, we expect to be up and running again within minutes not hours.

Secured Communication

All communications between UNITYCLOUD and your MultiCloud infrastructure is via highly secured dedicated network connections and encrypted with HTTPS protocol.


All data is encrypted with industry-leading advanced encryption standard (AES) of 256 bits.

Organizational Access Control

Customizable password strength/expiration and multi-factor authentication options. Create multiple levels of access as per your business requirements or implement the existing access policies of your organization.

Login, 2-factor authentication

  • UnityCloud has a very strong authentication system in place along with optional 2 factor support.
  • For 1st time login you will get a welcome page.
  • Login page can be disabled for subsequent logins by unchecking the “Show Next Time”option at top right.
  • Subsequent logins will take you to Main Dashboard.



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