Enable your customers to manage all the aspects of their data center footprint and maximize the benefits of their Hybrid Multicloud infrastructure without compromising the availability, performance, and security of their on-premises data center, private cloud, and leading public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Data Center Management

Allow your customers to observe their hardware assets, overlay a heat map of their assets, and perform health checks on all their hardware assets using UnityOne. UnityOne allows users to securely access all their physical/virtual assets and manage them in an auditable, repeatable, and systematic manner.

Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructure Management

Users can now manage their entire infrastructure and raise a request to consumer your services using UnityOne. It can be a good source of additional revenue and a way to increase customer satisfaction.

Hybrid Multicloud Networking

Connect to any public or private cloud using UnitedConnect. It also enables you to connect to multiple network carriers through direct connect, express routes, etc.

Service Catalog Management

Deliver your specific catalog of services along with pricing, SLA, service request, service delivery, and lifecycle management of the managed service using UnityOne’s service catalog management.

UnityOne For Service Providers is a multi-tenant SaaS platform that is deployed per service provider in a secure manner. Service providers can use it as a custom portal for their customers to enable them to manage their data centers and entire multicloud footprint (including private clouds and public clouds) remotely.

UnityOne For Service Providers also enables your customers to manage all the aspects of their data center footprint in their colocation cabinets within your data centers. It allows your customers to visualize their hardware assets within their cabinets overlay a heat map of their assets. Users can also look at all the monitoring data and health checks on all their hardware assets using UnityOne. This also allows them to log into their devices and completely manage all their hardware infrastructure remotely just like you would do by physically being at your data center.

UnityOne For Service Providers is a managed service delivery platform for you to deliver services to your customers and for seamlessly managing the infrastructure they host in your infrastructure and services for managing their overall multicloud infrastructure.

UnityOne For Service Providers can be customized to deliver your specific catalog of services along with pricing, SLA, service request, service delivery, and lifecycle management of the managed service.

Value Proposition

Drive greater SLAs, revenue expansion and customer retention for your data center and cloud customers.


Revenue Expansion

Drive greater retention and revenue expansion for your customers by providing them with the ability to request and consume service from the service provider easier and faster.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Drive higher customer satisfaction by making it easy for your customers to visualize, monitor, consume, and interact in real-time with the service provider in a seamless unified single pane of glass.

Higher SLAs

Drive higher SLAs by creating reporting analytics on service delivery. Monitor and audit your data center environment through customizable dashboards and receive regular alerts about your data center devices.

Managed Service Delivery

Managed Service Delivery

Offers advanced service management vision for your network equipment and other cloud service resources spread globally by offering APIs and protocols.



Get overlay temperature heat maps of the devices inside the data center cabinets. You will get monitoring information such as device status, alerts, RU capacity, temperature, and power utilization details for each cabinet box.

Hybrid Multicloud Footprint

View all your data center infrastructure spread across the globe and get deep-dive information about your data center performance and health statistics.

Key Features

All these features are build into UnityOne and can be consumed at a click of a button.

Data Center Observability

DC Observability provides a visual view of your data center cabinets and all the devices inside it. You can access, control, and monitor the health, performance, and utilization of all the devices inside the cabinet.

Cabinet Observability displays the devices along with their status in the form of a Power Button on the RHS of the device. The devices also display temperature reading in the form of a heat map. A color shade can be observed on each device.

Data Center Management

Visual representation of your data center cabinets with all the devices inside them. Hover over the device to view device information as well as the respective socket of the PDU to which the device is connected. Access and control your cabinet devices with required mesh managers.

Cabinet Capacity Status: Displays the status of devices that are up/down in the Cabinet, including Servers, SANs, VMs, Firewalls, etc. It also displays the status of these device capacities.

PDU Monitoring (Needs networked PDU): Allows monitoring of your Networked PDUs. It allows you to check the status of the PDU and the alerts for the PDUs.

PDU Socket Recycle (Needs Smart PDU): It has a key feature and a capability to recycle the PDU, which can be done by just clicking one button.

Device Blinker:  Provides blinkers for your devices like server uptime, last reboot, etc., to authorized person.

Device Monitoring

Displays all devices associated with the Organization grouped by device types as tabs. It also has Other Devices which is a special category to support any non-standard device.

You can enable Monitoring and Management for Switches/Firewall/Load balancer directly from the customer console UI

Now you can now enable Monitoring and Management for Switches/Firewall/Load Balancer directly from a single customer console UI.

Device Heat Map: The Devices displays temperature reading in the form of a heat map. A color shade can be observed on each device.

Device Power Status: Displays the power on/off status of your devices along with the temperature information of the devices.

Device Management and Asset Onboarding

A new way of monitoring your infrastructure has been provided as part of this release. Along with VPN, now you can use UnityOne Agent to monitor your devices without exposing them to outside networks directly. Any number of Agents can be deployed and configured to monitor your multicloud environment.

As part of the onboarding flow, the devices can be auto-discovered and downloaded as a list. User can also enable connectivity, add assets, enable monitoring and management.

Device Login: Launches a Linux SSH terminal or Windows RDP session to login to your server to enable remote management.

Service Requests

Data Center Remote Hands Service Request (can be routed to Data Center team): Customer portal for requesting remote hand services for specific devices in a data center cabinet.

Device Managed Service Request (can be routed to any partner Managed Service Provider): Customer portal for requesting managed services for specific devices within your multicloud infrastructure.

Data Center Activity Log: It helps to keep track of all activities and is very useful for RCA kind of activities to get the activity log page. This page displays all the activities performed within UnityOne, and it covers all devices along with all users within the organization. The user can download the Activity log in the form of an excel file.

Ticketing and Support

Interact and take action on the open tickets. View the ticket history like create date, request details, and previous actions on the ticket.

This page displays high-level ticket stats in graphs and a list of tickets below the graphs. The list also contains information such as Acknowledge time and Resolve time which are important for SLA.

The filtering parameters can be modified as per the requirement to find any type of ticket.

On click of ticket ID, a detailed ticket page will be displayed where the ticket parameters such as priority can be changed. One can add comments also from this page.

Public Cloud Management

A comprehensive view of all your resources in AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI public clouds by geography. Perform various actions on your AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI public cloud environment like create or terminate VMs and attach or remove network devices.

Private Cloud Management

View the summary of all your physical or virtual assets in your private cloud environment. Access and manage all your cloud devices like switches, firewalls, hypervisors, PDUs, etc.

Container and Kubernetes

Get a unified view of all your Kubernetes Clusters hosted on Private Cloud (VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack), and Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI). Observe the live health status of any K8s components like PODs & Containers and manage the Cluster nodes.


Mesh Managers

We provide an option for you to add mesh manager of your choice from GCP mesh manager, Istio mesh manager, and AWS mesh service manager. Customize your combination of mesh managers on the basis of your business requirement.

Mesh manager

Audit and Compliance

A comprehensive audit trail of all the actions taken on your data center and multicloud infrastructure. We help you to meet your compliance requirements and prepare you for end-to-end third-party audits.

We have the richest library of security frameworks (DISA, NIST, etc.), benchmarks (CIS OS, cloud, and Docker), and guidelines (GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC, ISO,) with advanced compliance mapping.

We help you assess your threat risk, create custom policies to encrypt and restrict access to sensitive PII data, and report on data access.

Data Center Monitoring

Create a customizable monitoring dashboard based on the devices. You can add a group of devices or individual devices you want to monitor.

Capacity Planning

Forecast and predict the future resource requirements of your data center. It provides a comprehensive view of your data center’s resources consumed in real-time.

Get what-if models to forecast the exact capacity impact of data center projects on space, power, cooling, and networks.

Get a centralized view of all your network connections and their capacity on one single page. You no longer need to run back and forth to the data center.

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