What is Multi-Cloud Management?

Multi-cloud management refers to a set of tools and processes that enable a company to track and secure applications and workloads across multiple public clouds. A multi-cloud management system should ideally allow IT, teams, to manage multiple clouds from a single interface and support various cloud platforms (such as AWS and Azure) and new tools like Kubernetes.

Most companies also use several public cloud service providers. This reduces reliance on a single vendor, allows the company to take advantage of each provider’s relative strengths, and allows for cloud use and cost optimization. However, the more cloud services a company uses, the more difficult it is to keep track of them. Through offering a centralized management framework that connects with other tools, multi-cloud management strategies and solutions aim to simplify and streamline management.

What are the benefits of multi-cloud management?

  • Reduced Strain on IT teams: A multi-cloud management solution allows IT teams to manage applications and workloads across different clouds more efficiently by providing streamlined, unified management.
  • Visibility: In a complex environment comprising multiple cloud providers, it’s challenging to keep track of workloads and know what’s running where without multi-cloud management. For companies to enjoy multi-cloud benefits, a successful multi-cloud management solution must have visibility across the entire multi-cloud environment.
  • Security: It’s challenging to maintain consistency in security policies across cloud providers, and the difficulty of multi-cloud can lead to security holes and an increased attack surface. IT teams should deal with possible security problems proactively rather than reactively using a managed approach. Furthermore, the best multi-cloud management platforms provide security monitoring and automation and the ability to implement security policies across platforms, making it easier to keep your environment secure.

How can we help?

With two decades of experience in managing complex hybrid cloud footprints encapsulated, our UnityOne solution is a SaaS Hybrid Multicloud Management Platform for managing real hybrid cloud environments like data center cabinets, power distribution units (PDUs), bare-metal servers, networking devices, containers pods, mesh services, and serverless, across data centers, private clouds (VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack), and public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI). The customers get a seamless experience managing the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure using the integrated monitoring, visualization, management, auditing, and modern DevOps automation capabilities.

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