MultiCloud Multi-Tenant Software as a Service Platforms Broaden New Horizons for Global Data Center Service Providers

Cloud data centers are expected to process 94% of workloads and 75% of all cloud workloads and compute instances are expected to be SaaS by 2021. The migration of conventional IT systems to the cloud is growing in a progressive way. We have witnessed an increase in the growth rate of cloud computing ever since it was introduced. It has made an underlying promotion and fervor across the world.

In today’s streaming world, businesses face growing pressure to innovate faster, and multicloud with its expansive features is helping them keep pace. As far as Software as a Service is concerned, it is beneficial for the service providers who are looking for the latest capabilities at a lower cost and without any worry of future business needs.

With Cloud being the face of the future, UnityOne offers multicloud Software as a Service with new opportunities for data center service providers at a global level. UnityOne provides a multi-tenant SaaS platform that is deployed per service provider with utmost security. Service providers can utilize it as a custom portal for their customers, enabling them to manage their data centers and entire multicloud footprint (including private clouds and public clouds) remotely.

From monitoring data and health checks, users can access it all on their hardware assets while using UnityOne. It authorizes the customers to manage all the aspects of their data center footprint in their colocation cabinets within the data center. It permits the customers to visualize their hardware assets within their cabinets and overlay a heat map of their assets.

It’s a managed service delivery platform for service providers to deliver services to their customers, UnityOne provides seamless management of the infrastructure hosted by the customers in the service provider’s infrastructure and management of the overall multicloud foundation.

UnityOne can be customized to deliver the specific catalog of services of the data center service provider along with pricing, SLA, service request, service delivery, and lifecycle management of the managed service.

According to an industry-leading analyst house, “$111 Billion of IT spending has shifted to the cloud from on-premises and will increase to $216 billion by 2020. Cloud traffic will represent 90% of the data center traffic.”

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