Multi-Cloud Management For CIOs

It is always a tough choice to choose a platform to manage the entire infrastructure management of an organization which helps them to show every inch of information on the go.

Choosing multiple platforms is always an easy task to manage different departments of an organization. It helps them to overcome their challenges and accordingly make the changes. But what next comes to the mind is what would an ideal platform be like.

An ideal platform should alert the team about the insights and statistics on a single pane of glass and enable them to understand the health of their infrastructure right from a bare-metal server to different disparate systems.

Traditionally, it is hard to find such platforms that provide all the diagnostics spread across public, private, or hybrid clouds on a single dashboard. But as we are facing a lot of hackathons and tech challenges, customers are seeking the best platform with an ultimate spread of security, observability, compliance, device, and cloud management features.

Keeping all these challenges and observing the shortcomings of traditional ways, UnityOne provides a solution where an entire infrastructure can be handled single-handedly in an economic fashion.

UnityOne! Yes, you heard it right.
UnityOne is leveraging UnityCloud for Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructure Management platform to handle and manage your real hybrid cloud environment including your data centers, power distribution units (PDUs), bare-metal servers, networking devices, private clouds (VMware and OpenStack), and public clouds (AWS and Azure).

A single pane of glass that provides multicloud Observability, monitoring, management, auditing, support, and automation.
Users need to go through two-factor authorization before they can get onto the dashboard for their business needs and accordingly do the IAM changes. It helps you to securely access all your physical/virtual assets and manage them in an auditable, repeatable, and systematic manner.

Why not consider changing this as a Value-Added Services.
UnityOne comes up with a myriad of features to help our clients, who are keen to make intuitive and streamlined business operations, like Kubernetes, Dockers, and Mesh Services manager.
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