Foundation of a Multilcloud setup: Hybrid Multicloud Monitoring

Multi-generational, multicloud environments are the new norm. But spreading services across multiple environments fractures your ability to have a holistic view of your infrastructure, making it exponentially harder to connect disparate data types and monitor the health of your systems. With the rise of multicloud, microservices, IoT devices, and containers, it’s harder than ever to have complete visibility into your infrastructure to ensure everything’s running as expected.

The fact of the matter is this – Effectively monitoring your multi-generational, multicloud infrastructure and applications and mitigating unexpected failures is critical to your success.

Managing these challenges isn’t easy, but it becomes easier with a unified monitoring environment. When you have a centralized view of both on-premises and cloud environments, you can embrace the value of migrating to the cloud — without suffering downtime and management headaches. With cloud growth on the rise, you need to adopt modern tools that keep pace with that growth, giving you total visibility across your entire infrastructure and the power to automate incident management. Monitoring multi-generational, multicloud environments introduce unique challenges, security threats across all environments are a significant concern today; the cloud’s vast attack surface and multiple endpoints make it particularly challenging.

Keeping tabs on old and new infrastructure often requires different tools. Legacy monitoring tools don’t provide the scalability, reliability, or customization that the cloud necessitates. The monitoring tools offered by your cloud vendor don’t extend beyond that environment, which means you won’t have complete visibility and will likely run up against governance issues across multiple cloud providers. The massive growth of cloud drives demands for cloud skills that many organizations lack.

Monitoring Dashboard creates a customizable monitoring dashboard based on the devices, system, storage, database, performance, network, and data centers. System Monitoring helps clients view the performance, health, and utilization of your multicloud devices like switches, firewalls, hypervisors, load balancers, and PDUs, etc. Receive regular alerts on the device utilization and status based upon the customized rules or alert name. UnityConnect is a feature that displays the connection’s billing, bandwidth, and VXC information. A direct request for a VXC can also be made from this section.

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