Driving Sustainability with UnityOne: Reducing Carbon Footprint and Achieving Net-Zero

Key Objectives

“By 2025, more than 40% of all industries will own the responsibility for overall sustainability strategy to action to target net zero carbon emission.”

As the world gears up to address climate change and reducing carbon footprint and achieving net-zero, organizations are increasingly taking responsibility for reducing their carbon emissions. By 2025, over 40% of all industries are expected to lead the charge toward net-zero carbon emissions. To meet these ambitious targets, companies need adaptable solutions that align with evolving technology trends.

Enter UnityOne by UnitedLayer, a comprehensive SaaS platform designed to not only help organizations adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape but also reduce their carbon footprint and power usage. In this blog, we’ll explore how UnityOne can be your partner in driving sustainability and increasing data center efficiency.

Key Sustainability Challenges For Reducing Carbon Footprint And Achieving Net-zero

Gartner predicts 75% of IT organizations will implement data center infrastructure sustainability initiatives by 2027.

Data centers operate continuously, 24/7, and any interruption would significantly disrupt the quality of life for individuals.

Here are some of the sustainability challenges faced by data centers:

Analyzing Carbon Footprint With UnityOnecloud

UnityOne helps enterprises to get the complete visibility and transparency of data center and multicloud carbon footprints and map their journey towards sustainability.

Our powerful solutions, such as real-time monitoring of IT infrastructures, recommendation for right sizing infrastructure components, and carbon emission reduction recommendation have already benefitted our customers in reducing carbon footprints while maintaining and improving their IT performance.

We envision the future of our data center to emit net-zero carbon emissions, and we are on a mission to help customers reduce their data center and IT assets carbon footprints thereby minimizing CapEx and OpEx year-on-year basis by using our sustainable platform.

Data Center and Private Cloud

At the data center infrastructure level, we invest heavily in energy-efficient technologies, such as advanced cooling systems and optimized power distribution, to reduce overall energy consumption.

Public Cloud

We take proactive measures to help customers lower their public cloud carbon emissions by closely monitoring, tracking, and analyzing the various components of cloud resources.

Carbon Emission Reduction And Recommendation

UnityOne offers a powerful recommendation engine to guide organizations to reduce carbon emissions from their IT infrastructure.



Our data center sustainability process segmented into the following categories:

  1. Defining Business Goal: Establishing essential objectives, evaluating environmental impacts, and determining business priorities.
  2. Review Accounting and Reporting: Identifying the organization’s entities (Physical Assets, Cloud footprints, end-user devices, etc.) that have an environmental impact.
  3. Collect Data: We assist customers in identifying the metrics to be gathered from various entities and collecting the necessary data at regular intervals.
  4. Record Emissions: Apply the carbon emission algorithm to the matrices, and capture & save the carbon emission values.
  5. Track Emission: Capture & maintain the emission values in the frequent interval for future Analysis and analyze the emission values.
  6. Map against business goal: Generate comprehensive reports that detail captured values, identify missed or destroyed entities, highlight new opportunities for growth, and conduct an in-depth analysis of their impact while defining new goals.

Implementing sustainability measures in a customer environment can reduce the carbon footprint through various strategies and practices that focus on minimizing resource consumption, waste generation, and the use of carbon-intensive energy sources.

Conclusion – An Energy-efficient Future

As organizations worldwide pledge to take climate action and reducing carbon footprint and achieving net-zero, UnityOne emerges as the solution that bridges technology’s growth with environmental responsibility. With our comprehensive approach to multicloud sustainability, we are positioned to help you optimize your IT experiences while championing sustainability from a business perspective.

Ready to embark on your sustainability journey? Reach out to our sales team at sales@unitedlayer.com, and together, we can build a future that is energy-efficient and environmentally responsible.